How to Insulate Key Locations in a Home

Click on the images below to learn key insulation considerations for specific locations in your house and get tips on how to insulate each location properly.  

Insulation guide: Houses are complicated; full of angles, jogs, and turns.  Each presents a challenge to having a complete thermal, vapor, and air barrier.   In addition, different parts of the house are subject to different microenvironments that will stress your insulation system.  Make sure your insulation plan addresses the common weak areas described in these pages.  You may also find these location descriptions diagnostic for a particular problem that you are experiencing.

How to insulate an overhang or cantilevered floor

How to insulate a basement or crawlspace

How to insulate at the sill plate or timber sill

How to insulate and air seal an attic

How to insulate an interior soffit or dropped ceiling

How to Insulate Wall Corners

How to Air Seal Windows

How to Air Seal Outlets and Switches

How to Insulate Roof Eaves or "Tie Downs"

How to Insulate Window Weight Pockets, Sash Weights

Trees, shrubs, and even other buildings can also help to insulate your home.  For a solid treatment of this topic visit the yard insulation page at

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