My name is Jon Haehnel and I have been testing and inspecting residential and commercial buildings for the last 10 years. My business, Zero By Degrees LLC is located in Fairlee, VT. You may have seen me as a guest consultant on the program “The Green Makeover: A Video Guide to Greening Up Your Business” shown on public television or as a speaker at the Better Buildings by Design Conference in Burlington, VT. Between my testing experience, the training classes I teach, and my background as a high school physics teacher I know how to take the complexity of building envelope theory and break it down into simple blocks of knowledge. I have found in my work that there are a lot of people out there, like you, that want to save money and conserve our natural resources, but it takes insider knowledge to make the best choices. I have distilled that insider knowledge down to the critical points that you can learn and use quickly. 

Past Projects

The Making of Insulation Guide
I have an interest in people’s stories- what they like, what they do, and how they got where they are.  Here is my story.


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